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We usually use this weekly feature to round up a handful of options for potential buyers looking to pick up a particular type of used vehicle on a budget.


But this week we’re taking a look at virtually new (yet technically second-hand) vehicles that are listed at prices far higher than brand new examples.


Yes, these are the type of cars that are quickly snapped up by speculators before popping up on the used market at inflated prices a little while later. It’s all about supply and demand (bear in mind, though, that some of these vehicles will be fitted with optional extras that will further increase their prices)…


So, we’ve had a search and found five prime 2016 examples currently on sale


1. BMW M2 – used price: R1 299 995


If you managed to bag an early spot on the lengthy local waiting list for the BMW M2, you would have paid around R860 000 for one of these 272 kW rear-wheel drive coupes. However, have a poke around the second-hand market and you’ll find examples being offered for as much as R1,3-million…


2. Ford Mustang – used price: R1 199 995


Prefer your Ford Mustang in 5,0-litre GT fastback flavour, fitted with an automatic transmission? Well, the list price new is R873 900, although you’ll seriously struggle to lay your hands on one from your local Ford dealer. Turn to the used market, however, and you’ll see prices well over R1-million…


3. Ford Focus RS – used price: R899 995


Think the new all-wheel drive Focus RS is a little too expensive out the box at R699 900? Well, speculators have added a whopping R200k to that figure, with a number of high-priced examples currently on offer on Gumtree.


4. Honda Civic Type R – used price: R649 900


Yes, another hot hatch. This time, however, the gulf between new and used isn’t absolutely outrageous. In fact, the example listed here comes in at about R650 000, with new Type R pricing officially sitting at R615 900…


5. Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport – used price: R659 990


If you were one of the lucky first few to pick up a Golf GTI Clubsport new from Volkswagen SA, you would have paid from around R540 200. If not, best you start sweet-talking your bank manager, since second-hand examples are on sale for as much as R660 000…




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