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When should my car be serviced?

You must service your vehicle to keep it reliable. Even a Toyota will eventually need maintenance; keeping up with your maintenance schedule also preserves the value of your automobile.

The phrase "servicing" is actually very ambiguous, but it refers to routine maintenance to keep your car in good condition and head off problems. Your car will last longer if you maintain its reliability and safety, and it can even retain its worth. A car will have a manufacturer-recommended service schedule that details how often the vehicle needs to be serviced as well as the tasks that should be completed at each visit.

For instance, a service of 15 000 km is often quite different from a service of 45 000 km.

Replacement of a few items, including engine oil, the oil filter, the fuel filter, and the air filter, as well as inspection of a much longer list of vehicle parts are all considered minor services.

Replacement of other components, such as brake fluid, transmission oil, spark plugs, engine coolant, and brake pads, would be required for a major service. Again, a thorough inspection of the vehicle is required.

While automakers mandate that a car be serviced at a specific mileage, they also mandate that a car be serviced at least once every 12 months. As a result, even if your car's suggested maintenance interval is every 15 000 kilometers but you only drive it 4000 kilometers in a year, you should still have it serviced 12 months after the previous maintenance.

Good to know:

A car service only involves routine maintenance; you can't expect a workshop to perform any further repairs without charging extra. However, you can count on the dealership to recommend further maintenance, such as replacing brake pads or tyres with uneven or irregular wear.


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