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What to Do If Your Car Isn't Starting.

1) The car won't start, but the starter "clicks."

Suggestion: Cycle the key by turning on the dome light and watching it while attempting to start the engine. If the light goes out, it means the battery is very low—almost dead.

2) The car won't start, and there is no click when you turn the key.

Suggestion: Attempt to start the engine by shifting the transmission to neutral while keeping your foot on the brake. If it doesn't work, change the setting back to "Park" and try again. Electrical contact inside the transmission range selection can be reestablished by shifting the shifter (also known as the neutral safety switch).

3) The engine turns over but does not start.

Suggestion: Switch relays by turning the key to the "Run" position with the radio turned off and listening for a two-second buzzing sound. The gasoline pump is priming the injection system at that point. If there is no sound, the fuel pump relay may be broken or the pump may be beyond repair. To begin, look in your owner's manual or the legend on the under-hood fuse box cover for the location of the fuel pump relay. After that, look for another relay with the same component number and replace it with the gasoline pump. After that, try starting the automobile. If the engine still won't start, tap the fuel tank with your shoe to jar the fuel pump motor.

If none of the recommendations work, you should contact a technician, mechanic, or someone else for help.


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