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What's the Difference Between 93 and 95 Unleaded?

It's All About the Results

Despite the fact that there are many various kinds and models of secondhand vehicles, there are only two types for this analysis: normal, daily cars and supercars.

Most vehicles have similar performance requirements, but a supercar or a turbo not only consumes a lot of petrol, but it also requires a better quality of petrol to function at its best.

If you drive a sedan, hatchback, or any other typical vehicle, 93 octane fuel will suffice.

However, if you have a true speed demon, you'll need to fuel up with 95 octane.

What Happens If I Choose The Wrong Option?

Nothing, to be honest.

Your car will continue to function, and it will not ruin the engine or cause damage that need repairs.

If your car operates on 93 and you fill it with 95, the only thing you'll lose is money because 95 is more expensive.

On the plus side, if you drive a standard car, 95 fuel will offer you higher mileage than 93.

If you have a supercar and fill up with 93, you'll notice that it doesn't perform as well as it should because the fuel quality isn't as good.

There will be no long-term consequences. Check your car's handbook if you're not sure what kind of fuel you'll require.


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