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What must I do if my fuel runs out?

Nowadays, there are almost no excuses for running out of petrol, and since we've all grown a little sloppy with filling the tank, it comes as a great shock when it happens.

Follow these simple steps if you find yourself in a situation where you are stranded without fuel:

  1. If it is practicable and safe to do so, pull the vehicle off the road.

  2. Turn on the hazard flashers.

  3. If at all feasible, dial roadside help first.

  4. Look up the location of the closest convenience shop or gas station.

  5. To go to the servicing station, dial a taxi or a ride-sharing service.

  6. Ask a passing motorist for help or call a taxi if there is no phone or reception.

  7. Before leaving for the service station, lock the vehicle.

  8. Purchase a 5L jerrycan, a funnel, and petrol from the gas station.

  9. Take a cab or ride-sharing service, or walk back to your car.

  10. Fuel is added to the tank using a funnel and jerrycan.

  11. Turn on the ignition and leave the electronic fuel pump running for up to 20 seconds.

  12. Turn the knob to "Start," then rev the engine intermittently until it starts.

  13. Drive to the gas station and purchase additional petrol for the trip home.


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