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The importance of car services.

Servicing your vehicle on a regular basis might be the difference between it operating smoothly and effectively and breaking down and requiring a costly and unexpected repair.

Your vehicle's service schedule will be determined by the manufacturer, as well as the vehicle's mileage and age.

The two most common types of service required on most vehicles are:

1) Interim Service:

An Interim Service has 35 primary action points, including four changes and four top-ups, according to our definition. Engine oil, oil filter, and wheel nut torque (depending on mileage and manufacturer specifications) are among the adjustments.

The shop will also check and adjust the tyre pressure and, if necessary, top up the clutch fluid, power steering reservoir, brake fluid level, and windscreen washer.

The garage will also check other parts of the vehicle, and if any need to be replaced, they will notify you before beginning the job so that you are aware of what more work is required and whether any additional charges will be incurred.

2) Full Service:

A Full Service is described as having 61 primary action points.

These will include all of the items covered in an Interim Service, as well as certain additional tests, top-ups, and modifications, such as replacing the air filter dependent on mileage and vehicle usage.

Check the coolant or antifreeze level, the gearbox fluid, clutch fluid, axle and/or transaxle oil, and non-sealed battery components for additional checks and top-ups.

All of these top-ups are performed as needed for your unique vehicle and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

During a Full Service, the garage must also check spark plugs and replace them according to the mileage and manufacturer's specifications.

The garage will also perform an overall health check on your car, and if any extra work or parts need to be replaced, they will inform you ahead of time so that you are aware of what additional work is required and whether any additional charges will be incurred.


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