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Spring cleaning tips for your Car

Here are some easy tricks for spring cleaning your car this season. With some organisation and an easy cleaning routine.

· Wet wipes: First things first, always keep a pack of wipes in the car for any cleaning emergencies on the road and easy on hand for when you decide to do some more intense cleaning. Great for interior plastics and hard surfaces in your car.

· Console: Wash it out carefully with a cloth. Try to avoid getting any of the electrical connections wet. Also use a wet cloth to wash the top of the dashboard and remember to dry it thoroughly.

· Cup holders: As a trick to remember, use a cup to clean the holder by putting it over a cloth and twisting it around to remove any dirt/grime build up in the holder. You can try and prevent them from getting too dirty in the future by placing silicone baking cups inside of the cup holders.

· Glove box organizing: Totally empty it out! Check trough your items to see what is useful and which you actually need. Use something to slightly categorize and keep things neat, like a folder/old purse.

· Protect your seats: Get yourself some proper seat-covers and wash them every so often.

· Car bin: Often the rubbish in the car can end up stuffed in the door. Prevent situations like this by getting a designated item that serves as a garbage bin in your car. Something handy and easy to empty.

· Windows: Make sure to clean the inside and outside using window cleaner. Dry them with a towel to prevent any water marks. While you’re at it, also do the side mirrors in the same fashion.

· The trunk: As an added extra check the trunk of your car and clean any unwanted and unneeded items out. While there, you can take the time to check your spare tire and make sure that it’s in good shape. Vacuum the trunk out and there you go.


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