How to jump start your car.

Here are the basic steps on how to jump start your car. If your car battery has died, you’ll have to use jumper cables to jump start your vehicle again. Along with the help of someone else’s car battery. Make sure that the car battery that is being used has at least as much voltage as your own. Make sure to hook the cables properly. If not used properly both cars may be damaged and people involved put in danger. If there is a handbook, you’ll have to follow the instructions as indicated and take not of any steps that differ from the ones we will be discussing. But these steps will give you insight on what to do.

1. Step one:

Take out your jumper cables. Try to always keep a set of jumper cables stored in your car. If you by chance, do not have a set with you. You’ll have to find/contact someone who will be willing to help you out with their own cables.

2. Step two:

Both vehicles being used need to be lined up in park/neutral with the ignition shut off. Remember to engage the parking brakes as well.

3. Step three:

One of the red jump lead clips needs to be attracted to the positive terminal of your car’s battery. Look for the “+” sign or “POS.”

4. Step four:

Take the other red jump lead clip and attach it to the positive terminal of the other car being used.

5. Step five:

Now find one of the black jump lead clips to the negative terminal on the other working battery.

6. Step six:

The last black clip you’ll need to attach to an unpainted metal surface (earthing point) on your car that’s not anywhere near the battery or fuel system. If there is any available, you can use one of the metal bars that hold the hood open.

7. Step Seven:

Have the working vehicle started and idle for a while.

8. Step eight:

Finally, you can now try to start up your vehicle. Make sure that the cables are properly connected before doing this, if not it may not work. When it’s working, don’t shut the engine off. Have it run for a bit to charge the battery.

9. Step nine:

Turn off both engines and carefully remove the cables.

These steps ought to help when in this type of car crises, if not, contact a professional to come and have a look at your car’s battery. If the battery keeps giving these types of problems it may need to be replaced.

Make sure to proceed with caution when working with the jumper cables and make sure that you know what clips connect to what ends. Not done correctly this can be very dangerous.