$3 Million for this Koenigsegg Jesko

Christian von Koenigsegg continues to surprise the world with his inventions. This is the new Jesko! (Named after his father).

The car cost approx US $3 million.

The Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Top Speed was tested at Nevada Highway. The Jesko Absolut managed to churn out 500 kph during its first run uphill against the wind blowing at 8 mph. The footage is taken from Assetto Corsa Simulation.

Top Gear posted this video on the Koenigsegg:

Yes, Koenigsegg have done it again. Not only did they land a rather unsubtle mic-drop at the Not Geneva Motor Show with their 1,700bhp four-seat family-wagon – the Gemera – but they threw their metaphorical microphone right in the direction of Bugatti with this – the Jesko Absolut, a top speed oriented version of the Jesko capable, apparently, of 310mph…