What is a car auction?

A public sale in which cars are sold to the highest bidder.

Here are some of the pros and cons of buying vehicles at an auction:

When you buy at an auction you could:

  1. Be able to buy a car for possibly cheaper

  2. View a large variety of cars

  3. Have an option to buy a repossessed car

Be cautious of buying vehicles at auction for these reasons:

  1. Auction cars is sold “as is”. What you see is what you get. Any defects you find after you buy the car will be your problem and the seller will not be liable in any way.

  2. You won’t be able to take the car from the auction to be checked by a mechanic or take the car for a test drive.

  3. May come across dishonest sellers. Walking away with some problems you are not aware of.

  4. No warranties or guarantees. No safety nets.

  5. There may be hidden costs like commission and roadworthy tests.

  6. Stay alert to “ghost bidding” and “vendor bidding” and methods that could be used to drive prices higher

Always question why a vehicle is sold at an auction, and whether it is not the last place to sell a car that cannot be sold elsewhere.

In contrast - When you buy at a dealership you could:

  • Take the car for a test drive and have it inspected.

  • Do a trade-in for your current vehicle, knocking down the price of the new purchase.

  • Have your car warranted for an amount of time.

  • Have a large variety of cars to choose from.

Judine Motors have been dealing in used cars for the last 19 years. They became an accredited member of the Independent Dealer Association in 2009.

The IDA was founded in 1998 to fulfil the need for a professional association for independent motor dealers that would help shape a professional standard for the industry and they also make sure that members conduct all their dealings in a fair and transparent manner and with absolute integrity.

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