Some things you should check in order to get your vehicle road trip ready.

To ensure that you can enjoy your trip safely, here are a few things that you need to check before you embark on your road trip.

This is very important, your safety is not something that should be taken lightly. So have a look at the next few things that people tend to neglect or forget to check.


The first check should probably be under the bonnet. One of the main concerns to be aware of is checking the fluid levels often enough. Namely oil and coolant. Also, check the brake fluid, if it’s too low the car is not safe to be driven.

·Windscreen and wipers:

When turning the wipers on, check to see if it’s clearing the water smoothly or leaving vision impairing lines over your windscreen. If it is bad enough you might need to replace the pads on your wipers. (Don’t forget to check the rear windscreen wiper as well)

Check for any cracks or chips on your windscreen and preferably get them fixed beforehand. In case of an accident the windscreen won’t be able to protect you properly.


Make sure all of your car’s lights are working as they should. This includes, head-, tail-, brake-, hazard- and indicator lights. In case of driving at night this is a very important factor to look at. Especially when driving in an area that you are not familiar with.

·Wheels and Tyres:

This might be the most important aspect to check on your vehicle. If you are driving for hours the tyres need to be in excellent shape. Take a look at the tread depth. Most tyres will have a tread depth indicator, once your tyres are worn to that point, they need to be replaced straight away. Check the surface of the tyres for any bumps or other damage. Check your tyre pressure, making sure all 5 tyres (including the spare) is in order.


A very important component to look at is your brake pad wear. Once the pad’s inner part wears below 5mm, it needs to be replaced. Brake discs, pads and drums need a thorough inspection. Checking for any uneven wear.

Make sure that your handbrake is working correctly and your brake fluid is topped up to the correct level. And do your own emergency braking test. If there is any strange noises or vibrations, you should have it checked out by a braking specialist.

Either check all of these aspects yourself or have a thorough safety inspection done by a trained professional.

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