Our cars are special. They take us around day and night and protect us against the elements; in exchange, we wash our cars, take care of them, and fill them up with fuel (even if the fuel price makes it difficult sometimes). But when you dig a little deeper, you might be surprised to learn just how incredible they are; we know we were.

These are some of the brilliant car facts and trivia we learned.

  1. On average a car has 30 000 parts.

  2. 165 000 is the number of cars produced worldwide, daily.

  3. Of all the cars Rolls-Royce has ever built, 75% are still being used.

  4. It’s against the law to drive a dirty car in Russia.

  5. The person who invented cruise control was blind.

  6. Henry Ford made a car out of soya beans.

  7. Many new car engines are silent, but use speakers to create a fake engine sound.

  8. On average, cars spend 95% of their lifespans parked.

  9. Up to 80% of a car’s parts are recyclable.

  10. Only 35% of the world drive on the left side of the road.

  11. In 1895, the world’s first auto race was held, and the top speed was 25 km/h.

  12. The cofounder of Domino’s Pizza traded his shares for a Volkswagen.

  13. The first ever speeding ticket was issued for a man driving at 12 km/h in a 3 km/h zone.

  14. We spend about 5 months of our lives in cars waiting at a red light.

  15. If you could drive to the moon, it would take you about 6 months if you drove 95 km/h.

Bonus fact: The average Bugatti customer also owns 84 cars, 3 jets and a yacht.

Bugatti Chiron 2018

Bugatti Chiron 2018

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