Why buy a used car?

Buying a car is not always easy. A used car can be of incredible value. One of the reasons being that second-hand cars are much cheaper than new cars, as the previous owner has absorbed some of the depreciation, which means lower financing costs. So what you get is a vehicle that costs a fraction of its market price and likely has low mileage.

Another few perks to buying a used car:

  • You pay less in sales tax and insurance premiums when you buy a used car.

  • We all know that a new car loses value once it exits the dealership, but that’s not the case with a used car. Because it’s already depreciated considerably, a used car won’t lose as much annual resale value.

  • Your teenage has a learner’s permit, now’s a good time to consider a used car while you lock-up your new car in the garage. Just make sure they keep up with maintenance by visiting a qualified service center!

  • Looking for a new hobby? Consider finding an older Datsun or Volkswagen Panel Van for your garage-time hobby.

  • Motor plan and warranty: "If you buy a car less than five years old, you could still benefit from the balance of the motor plan and warranty which will be transferred with the car.

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