Everyday is a BLACK FRIDAY

We have been following the "hype" around Black Friday for a while and came to a conclusion: "Black Friday" should be a day with MASSIVE half price discounts...

The other conclusion we came to is that not everyone does this. Most of the retailers offers some discount of between 5 to 20%. This is still a "nice" marketing incentive but is the consumer really gaining the benefit of a discounted price or is this day only to dump products that otherwise could not be sold?

Whatever the case my be, Judine Motors decided to cleary say that they have specials every single day of the year - so we re-branded the day to:

This is also the day when Judine Motors started adding video content to their social media. And they are happy to share them here as well.

We hope you all get to enjoy Black Friday. And we also hope that you do indeed get that 50% off on that product you really want...and since it is Thanks Giving in America, we would just like to thank our client's for their loyalty.

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