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Towing Tips

Here is a couple of safety tips to remember when you ever find yourself towing somebody else:

Tip 1

Safety is your first priority: Is the area safe to tow? It is of no use if you will get into trouble if you assist the stranded motorist. Is the vehicle heavier than yours? If so it may cause your vehicle damage.

Can the vehicle be moved? Even small crashes may cause damage when moved like a wheel that can come of.

Tip 2

Do not attach the rope to the steering suspension or the rear axle of either car - this will cause damage to the cars.

Tip 3

Do not attach a tow rope to a bumper bar - you could cause a accident when these bumper bars come off.

Tip 4

If the car has a manual, go through it to see if it has specifically designed tow points that should be used.

Tip 5

If in doubt, don’t attempt the tow; call a professional tow company instead. You may be feeling that it costs more, but it is the safer option, both for you as well as the car.

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