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Your test-driving list can get long considering that it is one of the more important steps when car shopping. Be prepared by making a list.

Consider points that is most important to you.

Do you think that safety is more essential than appearance? Or is a comfortable ride more essential to you than the model year? In any case, knowing what is important to you before you begin test-driving cars is a good approach to save time and locate the ideal car for you and your co-owners' needs.

Test-drive the car in similar conditions as those that you travel in daily.

How does the car feel? Are you comfortable?

Check on the Mechanical Features

While the car needs to fit your lifestyle, it is also important to check on the mechanical features of the car.

Some questions could include:

  • Does the car start without a problem?

  • Does the gears shift easily?

  • Is there any noises?

  • How does the car accelerate?

  • Do the A/C, defroster, electric windows or seats, cruise control, and all the other knobs on the dashboard work?

  • Does the current owner have car service records?

  • Do you see any unusual exhaust?

  • Is there an unusual smell?

  • How smooth or bumpy is the ride?

  • Is the tires still in a good condition?

Even if you're buying a used car from a very trustworthy source, there are steps you can take to reduce risk. One idea is to consider paying a little extra to have an experienced and trustworthy mechanic look over the car for you.

You should also consider purchasing a vehicle history report. This step helps you know where the car has been and whether it was in any accidents that could impact its value and safety.

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